LandMark™ 007 IMU

LandMark™007 IMU is a high dynamic six-axis MEMS IMU featuring VELOX™ Processing for low latency high speed outputs. Its low-noise gyros and accelerometers in a  compact package make it ideal for use in high dynamic environments with SWaP-C restrictions. The LandMark™007 IMU is highly durable, calibrated over temperature and employs an FEA designed internal vibration isolator that can withstand vibration and shock typically associated with high dynamic applications.

  • High Dynamic 2000°/s Rate, Up to 200g Accel
  • Low Noise 0.0035°/sec/√Hz
  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing
  • 7 kHz Output Data Rate
  • 1000 g Shock
  • 15 gRMS
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available.
  • Non-ITAR