A40 Accelerometer

The A40 Accelerometer is a small, ultra-low noise, single-axis MEMS accel. This robust accel is designed to handle 500g shock and 5.74g RMS vibration in an EMI resistant housing. Its price and performance are ideal for low frequency motion and tilt measurement.

Key Specifications:

  • 0.7 mg Bias Repeatability
  • 2.5 VDC Analog Output
  • 0.065mg/√Hz VRW
  • 500g Shock Tolerance
  • 140 Hz Bandwidth


The DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System is an IP68 MEMS AHRS designed for downhole orientation and directional guidance applications. The small size of this AHRS (1” diameter by 2.125” length) enables its use in tight drilling and utility spaces. The DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System provides temperature compensated RS422/RS485 output of pitch, roll, and yaw angles. Its low noise gyros and accels have a shock rating of 500g’s and a vibration rating of 6gRMS making this unit ideal for utility guidance.

Key Specifications:

  • 5°/hr In-Run Bias
  • 0.0028°/sec/√Hz ARW, 0.075mg/√Hz VRW
  • 0.5° Yaw and Toolface Angles
  • VELOX™Processing
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available
  • Non-ITAR restricted

Elektrische Zylinder – Voice Coil

Diese kompakten Hochgeschwindigkeits-Zylinderantriebe bieten eine Alternative zu Pneumatik Zylindern.
Die elektrischen Zylinder bieten eine Lebensdauer von weit über 100 Millionen Zyklen, hohe Geschwindigkeit, Genauigkeit, Energieeffizienz und die Fähigkeit, eine Bewegung innerhalb von Millisekunden zu wiederholen.
Die zylindrische Bauform und verschiedene Befestigungsoptionen der Antriebe ermöglichen in vielen Fällen den einfachen Austausch von pneumatischen Antrieben.
Die Zylinder sind auch mit integriertem Controller erhältlich.

– Ohne Druckluft und leise im Betrieb
– Lange Lebensdauer (>100 Millionen Zyklen)
– Programmierbarkeit von Position, Geschwindigkeit und Kraft
– Hohe Zyklusgeschwindigkeit > 2000 CPR
– Ideal für Reinraumumgebungen
– Option mit höherem IP Schutz – “Softand” Funktion liefert präzise Erkennung der Produktposition
– auch mit integriertem Controller mit GUI erhältlich

G150Z Gyroscope

The G150Z Gyroscope is a small, ultra-fast, single axis gyro featuring low noise MEM’s sensors. This environmentally sealed gyro is rated for 500g shock and 6g RMS vibration. The G150Z’s analog output voltage is ±4.75 volts and it is available in three rate ranges.  Applications include stabilization, flight control, navigation and automotive testing.

Key Specifications:

  • 1.2°/h Short Term Bias Stability
  • 3.0°/hr Long Term Bias Stability
  • 0.001°/s/√Hz ARW
  • ± 100°/sec, ± 175°/sec, ± 300°/sec ranges
  • Small size and light weight (28 grams)
  • Low Power Consumption (20 mA)
  • Non-ITAR

G300D Triaxial Gyro

The G300D is Gladiator Technologies’ high speed, three-axis MEMS gyroscope equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. At only .6 cubic inches, the G300D gyro comes factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments and is ideal for precision stabilization and rotation measurement applications.

Key Specifications Include:

  • Low Noise Gyros (0.0028°/s/√Hz)
  • 10kHz Output Rate
  • Message Timing <200 µsec
  • 350 Hz Bandwidth
  • 5°/h Bias Stability
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available
  • Non-ITAR

LandMark™ 005 IMU

The LandMark™005 IMU is Gladiator Technologies’ high speed, six-axis MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. Only .6 cubic inches, the LandMark™005 comes factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments and is ideal for use in UAV’s, camera stabilization, and UGV’s, and other applications where small size and high performance are required.

  • Smallest IMU in its Performance Class (<10 cc)
  • Low Noise Gyros (.0028°/s/√Hz) and Accels (0.075mg/√Hz)
  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing
  • 10kHz Output Rate
  • Bias over Temperature (<0.1°/s)
  • Development Kit Available
  • Non-ITAR

LandMark™ 007 IMU

LandMark™007 IMU is a high dynamic six-axis MEMS IMU featuring VELOX™ Processing for low latency high speed outputs. Its low-noise gyros and accelerometers in a  compact package make it ideal for use in high dynamic environments with SWaP-C restrictions. The LandMark™007 IMU is highly durable, calibrated over temperature and employs an FEA designed internal vibration isolator that can withstand vibration and shock typically associated with high dynamic applications.

  • High Dynamic 2000°/s Rate, Up to 200g Accel
  • Low Noise 0.0035°/sec/√Hz
  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing
  • 7 kHz Output Data Rate
  • 1000 g Shock
  • 15 gRMS
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available.
  • Non-ITAR

LandMark™60 IMU

The LandMark™60LX IMU is Gladiator Technologies’ High Performance six-axis MEMS IMU with exceptionally low accelerometer noise (28µg VRW). Equipped with VELOX™ processing and user configurable firmware, the LandMark™60LX IMU delivers precision measurement with industry leading output rates and message timing. This IMU is factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments and is ideal for stabilization, navigation and precision measurement applications.

Key Specifications:

28µg VRW, 0016°/sec/√Hz ARW
3°/hr In-Run Bias
VELOX™ High Speed Processing
6 kHz Output with External Sync
CAN Bus 2.0B at 1 MHz
Development Kit Available